"Spending time with Ervin"/ Every Sunday night @10 pm-until 12midnight:Pacific Standard Time:"Love you all, always,as we keep praying along the way.." And if we Truly Believe in God,Jesus Holy Name,and That He Can,and That He will, Open doors for you and I,That know man can see,And for we all know, that He has the first to say,and that He has the last to say,that we will live a Abundant Life,filled with peace, love, joy and happiness..........Do you Believe in Him,??????????????? Then lets "Praise Our Holy Father" (JESUS) ,Together we will Stand....................................., / / /, Ervin L. Swan III /voice Radio/television

y oFather"(JESUS)

About Us

"hello my name is,Ervin L. Swan lll,and I am a Song Artist/song writer,producer,and I am a Soloist preformer,and i look up to recording,and doing television filming to present to each and all, I have been a song writer since the age of fithteen years old,and became a song artist at the age of twenty three years old,and I did my first recording,at the age of twenty four years old,how ever my main breaks came in later,as early years,more so now, I am a lots more, some what knowing more about performing,because proforming is alittle different than just making a recording,because peoples look up to us to let our customers know that we presenting to them,whats hopefully nice sounds of singing that we may preform as we are also speaking to our listeners,and that now is what I became more closer to knowing..And i always believe in myself,to one day when i grew up and kept trying,that God,Jesus would see us through,the roughest times in our earlier days.....So here i am now to Preform,and to Sing to each and all,who will enjoy me,and I hope that you all will here a song,or songs,that will give you even more joy,love,peace,and happyness into your wonderful lifes,Love Again And Always from me too you, Ervin L. Swan lll,And May God forever Bless you,and keep you....and keep us